Review: Point of View – “Burner”

534384_10151192683451011_402564904_nPoint of View, the latest punk band out of San Jose, Calif., is releasing their five-song EP “Burner” on Hella Mad Records due out on March 29.

This is their second release, the first being 2011’s full length “Sideshow Years,” which was later re-released on Hella Mad Records.

Having met in middle school, vocalist/guitarist Curtis Wallace, bassist Michael Bragg, and drummer John Wallace are living up to the power trio standards that the genre has laid out for them.

Frequents of the infamous 924 Gilman Street, Point of View is following in the footsteps of Bay Area punk legends who played there like Operation Ivy and Bad Religion. Burner has that distinctive sound of Bay Area punk, like old school Green Day and old school AFI (emphasis on old school in both cases) had a baby.

Quick and upbeat, “Burner” really doesn’t have any low points. With only five songs, it would be a bummer if there were any of those songs that you skip every time it comes on. But you don’t have to worry about that. Themes like monotonous routines on “Home,” and not having much money on “America’s Finest” are relevant to listeners, which has always been part of the charm of punk and pop punk.

Their previous release has a bit more of distinctive ska sound than this one does, but “Burner” gets by just fine without it. But hey, while you’re at it, stream “Sideshow Years” too. It’s light and fun, just like “Burner” but a little more raw sounding with more ska-esque basslines.

“Burner” is simple, reminiscent of pop punk from the early 2000s, which is a breath of fresh air for early 20-something music elitists who weren’t old enough to appreciate the greatness of the ’90s, such as myself. Now I’m no professional, but keep an ear out for these guys, I have a good feeling about them.

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