Among Giants discusses upcoming split, tour with Aspiga

Hailing from Orlando, Fla., Among Giants is a three-piece punk outfit with a lot going on right now. Made up of Greg Hughes on guitar and vocals, Zach Anderson on drums and Marcus Menendez-Aponte on bass, they’re about to hit the road for a summer tour, and they’ve also recently recorded a split seven-inch with New Jersey band Aspiga, on Say-10 Records. More on that later.

“Among Giants started off as an acoustic project for me. I was really into Paul Baribeau and loved his whole style of playing. I was playing at a coffee house where I met Zach,” said Hughes. “He approached me and said we should try to jam. From there we have just moved forward with it and the song writing has progressed with this mind.”

Last August, Among Giants released a full-length album called “Truth Hurts.”

“The release was mainly acoustic songs of mine, so we’re stoked to move forward with things and show everyone how our sound has progressed,” said Hughes.

“We have two new songs on the split which we are super proud of and excited to get out there,” said Hughes about the split with Aspiga. “This is also the first time that I’ll have any of my music on vinyl, so I’m obviously way too excited about that.”

It’s up for pre-order until the official release on July 9.

“A big thanks to Adam at Say-10 for everything,” said Hughes.

Among Giants is also working on releasing a new music video for their song “I Care About Everyone I Meet.”

Right now the guys of Among Giants are gearing up for their Floridian tour with fellow hometowners Zap Dragon & the Attack, which they’re all pretty excited about. “I’ve never been on tour, but I’m excited for it. I love Zap Dragon & the Attack,” said Menendez-Aponte. “

“I have been in bands since high school, and tour was always put on a pedestal,” said Anderson. “So far we have been on two full band tours, and to us it is the pinnacle of being in a band. We have played with so many rad bands, met some of the most genuine and amazing people, and slept on some pretty comfy couches.”

“Tour is always the best,” said Hughes. “You meet the best people, eat the best food, and play with the best bands. Nothing is better. This is the first time we’re hitting the road with another band, so we’re super stoked to kick it with them for a couple weeks.”

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