Riding faster with Paulina Jayne

PaulinaScope_1The amount of things on the average high school senior’s plate can be overwhelming. Figuring out college plans and final exams, not to mention the prom details like dresses and dates, can send any 18-year-old into a frenzy. Paulina Jayne, however, seems to be balancing all of that and a developing music career with plenty of grace.

The up and coming Detroit country artist will be playing at her favorite metro Detroit venue, St. Andrew’s Hall on 3/29 with Annabelle Road and Matt Austin for the first show of Live Nation’s Faster Horses Series.

“I love the staff, I love the stage, I love the crowd,” Jayne says. “Everybody is just hyped and extremely excited.” She’s had a good time every time she’s been to St. Andrew’s, whether it’s been performing herself, or seeing Kacey Musgraves or her favorite band, Blackberry Smoke.

Jayne has been writing music since she was a young kid. She started taking piano lessons and quickly learned to experiment with notes and chords. The first songs she wrote were classical, and she slowly began delving into other genres until country and the “good ol’ three chords” really stuck with her. “I love the genre,” she says. “It’s where my heart is.”

Jayne has accomplished quite a bit so far in her short career. She was invited by producer Toby Wright to audition for The Voice, which she took him up on at the beginning of February. She’s been nominated for plenty of Detroit Music Awards, such as Best Songwriter, Best Song, Best Vocalist and Best Band. She’s performed at WYCD’s annual Downtown Hoedown, at Live Nation’s 2013 Faster Horses Festival, opened for Ty Stone at the Fillmore, and Sheryl Crow at DTE Energy Music Theater, which she cites as the most exciting moment she’s had so far in her career. She admires Crow’s authenticity.

Though Jayne feels the strongest connection to country music, many artists of other genres inspire her, for that exact reason. If she could work with any artist, it would be Ray Charles.

“He did whatever he wanted,” she says. “Once he had his fan base, he changed it up. His whole fan base was all about it. He wasn’t confined to one genre at all.”

Pink is another artist that Jayne would like to work with. “She is one of the most phenomenal performers,” Jayne says of Pink’s acrobatic sets.

Lately Jayne has been working with Emmy Award winning producer and songwriter Trey Bruce. He’s taken her on as an artist in development and they’ve put together four songs so far. “I’m really excited about this new music,” says Jayne. She describes the songs that may be released as either singles or part of an EP as a mix of Detroit rock and country.

Balancing a full-time job as a singer/songwriter/performer with high school doesn’t come without its challenges, but Jayne manages to make it work. She’s a successful student with her college plans set for the fall as well.

“High school is really important to my parents and to me,” she says. “They’ve instilled in me that I have to maintain that 4.0 in order to follow my dream in music. Plus I really enjoy going to school and seeing my friends during the day.”

For an aspiring country musician, there are few places better to be than Nashville, Tennessee. Jayne will be starting the next school year at Belmont University, studying music business, right in the heart of the city. “It’s the land of record labels and publishing companies,” she says. “I’ll learn how to play the game.”

In the meantime, Jayne will be performing throughout the summer, potentially with another spot at Faster Horses for her second year in a row.

View the original post at Real Detroit Weekly.

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