Detroit’s Best Independent Record Stores

There’s nothing like spending a day in the birthplace of Motown, sifting through records to complete your collection. It’s not a quick undertaking, though! Though there are a number of independent record stores in a small radius in Detroit, there’s no guaranteeing that you won’t spend a good chunk of time marveling at the variety that each location has to offer. If you’re looking to spend an afternoon with some fellow music geeks, here are some of the spots that you need to check out:

Peoples Records (Lafayette Park)

Peoples Records has had a lot of locations in its 12 years in the city. Its recently moved from neighboring the Magic Stick on Woodward to a new spot in Eastern Market, as well as expanded to a second location on the Avenue of Fashion. This spot is known as Peoples North, and as the first record store in the area, people are excited about it. These spots are the places to go for used LPs and 45s at a great price, especially if you’re looking for rare soul, jazz or R&B.

Hello Records (Corktown)

If you’re trying to find that repress of Aladdin Sane on 180-gram vinyl, Hello Records in Corktown isn’t the place to go. If you’re looking to get an original that was found in someone’s mom’s basement in mint condition, though, look no further than Hello Records. This independent record store has a wide variety of used vinyl from new wave LPs to punk 45s. Hello Records buys used vinyl too, as well as stereo equipment and music memorabilia. It’s recently expanded to a second location, known as Hello Again, located at 14401 East Jefferson, which is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Paramita Sound (West Village)

Paramita Sound is a newcomer, having set up shop in their West Village digs in 2014. While most of the record stores in Detroit boast shelves full of used LPs, Paramita Sound is the ultimate spot for new releases. In the bottom level of an old house, complete with a listening room, the space is even cool. In one of the hippest up and coming neighborhoods in the city, you can scope out the latest Radiohead or Nick Cave record before stopping by Red Hook for a coffee.

Third Man Records (Midtown)

A list of record stores in Detroit wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Third Man Records. Owned by eccentric White Stripes frontman and Southwest native, Jack White, Third Man Records opened in the Cass Corridor in November 2015. Though the label originated in Detroit, White opened his first Third Man location in Nashville, so Detroit was happy to have him back. Here, you can purchase any record put out on White’s label of the same name. More of an amusement park than a just a simple record store, you can take pictures in a photo booth, lounge in the store’s reading section, and even record your own 45. Third Man hosts performances as well, and if you keep an eye out you might see White himself walking around!

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