Review: Red City Radio’s Self-Titled Release

Oklahoma-natives Red City Radio released their third full-length album in April. The self-titled record is their first on Staple Records and their first without singer Paul Pendley. Ryan Donovan joined the band as a backup vocalist and guitarist, leaving Garret Dale as their only lead singer. Upon reading that one of the two leads was leaving, fans were a bit iffy about whether Red City Radio would change too much. So many changes! So much chaos! What’s going to happen?! Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think everything turned out just fine.

Red City Radio starts off setting the tone for a very sing-along-worthy record. “Whatcha Got” is upbeat, high-energy and gives off a “what’s up, new label? We’re here” kind of vibe. I haven’t seen them since they toured with New Found Glory last fall, so I haven’t heard it live, yet, but I bet it’s a hit at live shows.

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Among Giants discusses upcoming split, tour with Aspiga

Hailing from Orlando, Fla., Among Giants is a three-piece punk outfit with a lot going on right now. Made up of Greg Hughes on guitar and vocals, Zach Anderson on drums and Marcus Menendez-Aponte on bass, they’re about to hit the road for a summer tour, and they’ve also recently recorded a split seven-inch with New Jersey band Aspiga, on Say-10 Records. More on that later.

“Among Giants started off as an acoustic project for me. I was really into Paul Baribeau and loved his whole style of playing. I was playing at a coffee house where I met Zach,” said Hughes. “He approached me and said we should try to jam. From there we have just moved forward with it and the song writing has progressed with this mind.”

Last August, Among Giants released a full-length album called “Truth Hurts.”

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Review: Point of View – “Burner”

534384_10151192683451011_402564904_nPoint of View, the latest punk band out of San Jose, Calif., is releasing their five-song EP “Burner” on Hella Mad Records due out on March 29.

This is their second release, the first being 2011’s full length “Sideshow Years,” which was later re-released on Hella Mad Records.

Having met in middle school, vocalist/guitarist Curtis Wallace, bassist Michael Bragg, and drummer John Wallace are living up to the power trio standards that the genre has laid out for them.

Frequents of the infamous 924 Gilman Street, Point of View is following in the footsteps of Bay Area punk legends who played there like Operation Ivy and Bad Religion. Burner has that distinctive sound of Bay Area punk, like old school Green Day and old school AFI (emphasis on old school in both cases) had a baby.

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Show review: Gaslight Anthem, Bouncing Souls with Cory Branan in Detroit

This spring has such a ridiculous amount of great shows coming up that I can hardly keep them all straight. The Gaslight Anthem‘s Detroit stop at The Fillmore on March 3 on their “Handwritten” spring tour was the kickoff of my concert season.

Starting off the night was Mississippi-native guitarist Cory Branan. He took the stage alone, playing songs about meaningless sex and whiskey. He’s on this tour, promoting his first album in six years, “Mutt” on Bloodshot Records. I’d never heard of him before, but after hearing songs like “The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis” (he says he “doesn’t fuck around with titles,” he gets to the point) and “A Girl Named Go,” I’ll be checking him out. So should you. His material reminds me a bit of Frank Turner, smart and cynical, only with a southern accent instead of a British one.

The Bouncing Souls went on next, opening with “Kids and Heroes” from their 2003 album “Anchors Aweigh.” The energy in the venue was outstanding, with everyone on their feet, crowd surfing and bouncing (no pun intended) along to the fast-paced, energetic set. Amongst their older, well known hits that the Bouncing Souls played like, “Hopeless Romantic” and “Kate Is Great,” they mixed in a few songs from their latest album that came out this past June, Comet, like “Coin Toss Girl” and “Ship In a Bottle.”

Gaslight Anthem front man Brian Fallon even ran out on stage to sing “Say Anything” along with them. The Bouncing Souls went out on a high note, just bumming the crowd out a bit that their chants of “Ole!” didn’t convince the band to play it. You couldn’t be too upset though, just watching singer Greg Attonito bop around is worthy of a smile.

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