Millennials placing work perks before the job

A special report was published in the March 30 issue of “Crain’s Detroit Business,” titled “Millennials in the Workplace.” This article and survey was made up of the responses of over 400 metro Detroit young professionals born between 1980 and the mid ‘90s discussing what they want and expect out of an employer these days. The article was eye-opening when it comes to what our generation wants out of a workplace and what the working world actually is, and it really got me thinking.

“Like many of her generation, she knows what she wants,” said the article of one of the professionals surveyed. “That includes a flexible workplace that allows her social life to integrate seamlessly with her professional life, mentorship, a strong company mission, and a challenging career.”

A growing number of companies are doing the “Quicken Loans thing,” from offering employees basketball courts and free lunch every day, to Segways and naps. And that’s awesome. Who doesn’t want to jump on a trampoline on their lunch break? But the more companies that offer atmospheres like that, the more job seekers want them, expect them, and get disappointed when they can’t get them.

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Challenge Detroit year three kickoff celebration

Challenge Detroit kicked off our third year back in September, but with such a busy first few months, we hadn’t gotten the chance to celebrate the excellent class of fellows until Tuesday, November 18. The Compuware building downtown was kind enough to host the event, and Fountain Bistro in Campus Martius hosted the after party. Compuware was full of the city’s best and brightest, with current fellows, as well as inaugural and second-year fellows, and host company representatives all supporting this year’s class.

Marlo Staples, an inaugural fellow who currently works at TechTown, one of the city’s most established business accelerators, spoke of her experience with Challenge Detroit. She grew up in the area and after leaving to attend college, she found her way back to the city through Challenge Detroit and two years later is still quite active in the city.

“Without Challenge,” she said in her speech, “I wouldn’t have the informed perspective that I do now.”

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Angel’s Night in Detroit

456146776_dacd16ee59As I’m writing this I’m watching the cheesy cult classic, “The Crow.” You know, the costume that every semi-edgy guy wore for Halloween in the ’90s? And you’re probably wondering, “why are you telling me about this?” Well, because I’m also writing this the night before Halloween, otherwise known as “Devil’s Night.” And that’s when this movie takes place. Devil’s Night in Detroit.

The basic premise of this movie, without turning this into a movie feature, is that Eric Draven (played by the late Brandon Lee) returns to earth on the anniversary of his death to avenge him and his fiancee. One year prior, a gang broke into their home in Detroit and murdered them. In the opening scene of the movie, on a block engulfed in fire, police officers are investigating the crime scene and one cop says to another, “How many fires is this?” and the answer is 143. Someone later in the movie says, “What this city needs is a good natural catastrophe.” What does this have to do with anything? This is a movie, right? A supernatural thriller, it has nothing to do with real life.

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