Give Detroit a chance

“Innovation,” “young professional,” “growth,” and “sustainability” are just a few of the buzzwords that people in their twenties have heard and read so much that somewhere between graduation and their monotonous entry-level job, they seem to have completely lost their meanings. If I were to say that Detroit is an up and coming hub of all of those things, you’d probably click to the next article solely because you’re tired of hearing about hubs and incubators for the budding entrepreneur. So for the sake of my reputation and your sanity, I’m just going to say to give Detroit a chance.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the city. The population has decreased exponentially in past years (approximately 63% since 1950), 38% of residents live below the poverty level, that whole bankruptcy ordeal, and don’t even get me started on the violent crime rate. These stories have been told time and time again, and while yes, they are true, the city is much more than that.

More and more businesses are opening in the city, from all of the unique restaurants to Detroit’s pride and joy, Shinola, and in 2012, reported that the Detroit area was the second best in the nation to check out if you’re looking for a job in technology. The overall conditions are still challenging, but Detroit isn’t the seedy, dark abyss that it seems to be portrayed as. For 688,000 people or so, Detroit is still home, and it’s something to take pride in.

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