Review: Red City Radio’s Self-Titled Release

Oklahoma-natives Red City Radio released their third full-length album in April. The self-titled record is their first on Staple Records and their first without singer Paul Pendley. Ryan Donovan joined the band as a backup vocalist and guitarist, leaving Garret Dale as their only lead singer. Upon reading that one of the two leads was leaving, fans were a bit iffy about whether Red City Radio would change too much. So many changes! So much chaos! What’s going to happen?! Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think everything turned out just fine.

Red City Radio starts off setting the tone for a very sing-along-worthy record. “Whatcha Got” is upbeat, high-energy and gives off a “what’s up, new label? We’re here” kind of vibe. I haven’t seen them since they toured with New Found Glory last fall, so I haven’t heard it live, yet, but I bet it’s a hit at live shows.

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